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Growing up in the country side of the Carolinas, Fairy Tails owner Megan Sprayberry established an affinity for animals at an early age. As a child, Megan owned just about every type of traditional & non traditional pet that's possible. She's rescued and nurtured everything from lost puppies to baby squirrels fallen from their nest.


Since those formative childhood years, Megan has continued to stay involved with helping and caring for animals in a variety of ways. While living in Charlotte, Megan has independently rescued, fostered, & placed more than 50 cats & dogs over the course of a decade. After discovering organizations that shared her passion she spent two years volunteering with the Animal Control Bureau through the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department. She also teamed up with the American Pit Bull Foundation serving as a foster mom to rehabilitating heart worm positive dogs.


Upon moving to Washington DC in 2012, Megan quickly recognized an opportunity to apply her passion for animals while providing top-notch pet sitting for residents of the District. The palpable connection that Megan & her staff share with each of their client's pets has been the building block upon which the Fairy Tails client family continues to grow.


To join the Fairy Tails family, request your complementary consultation today.

About Fairy Tails

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Our Team
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