Caring for cats is another specialty of Fairy Tails. We understand that when you are away, in order to maintain a stress-free happy cat, a normal routine is necessary. Prior to our scheduled visits, we offer a free in-home consultation, allowing us to observe the daily rundown of your feline friend. This ensures that all of the work during our visits can be handled quickly & efficiently, thus maximizing time spent showering your cat with affection.

Cat Care

30-minute visits include:


  • Feeding/treating

  • Water change

  • Administering medications

  • Litter scooping/waste disposal

  • Text or email updates

  • Lots of playtime, love & scratches behind the ears

Dog Care

30-minute walking sessions include:


  • Feeding/treating

  • Water change

  • Administering medications

  • Waste pick up/disposal

  • Dog park romps

  • Training

  • Written pet progress report card


During every session, our dedicated Fairy Tails team focuses on safety, love, and consistency. Prior to our scheduled walks, we learn all about your pooch first hand during a free in-home consultation. Everything from their leashing/harnessing routine to the new tricks your dog is learning is noted to keep your dog’s progress on track. We also recognize that "accidents" sometimes happen prior to our visits. If we see a mess left by your dog, we'll do our best to clean up and immediately update you on the status of the situation.

      Pet Sitting

Out of town & need your beloved pet cared for & walked several times a day?  Fairy Tails is happy to accommodate your schedule—you also have the option to book us for overnight care. Your pooch can come slumber party at our pet friendly place, or if your dog would feel more comfortable staying home, we can arrange to spend the night at your place as well.


Cat Sitting

1-3 Cats

$25 per visit

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4+ Cats

Price is negotiable

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Pet Sitting

1-2 Pets

3+ Pets 

Price is negotiable

$100 per 24 hour & we prorate

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  Pooch Walking

1-2 times a week = $22 per walk OR 3+ times a week = $20 per walk

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1 Dog

2 Dogs

1-2 times a week = $25 per walk OR 3+ times a week = $22 per walk

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3+ Dogs

Price is negotiable

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  • All dogs must show proof of up-to-date shot records

  • All dogs must be on a flea and heart worm preventative

  • $5 will be added to all same-day requests

  • A $5 cancellation fee will be charged without 24 hour notification

  • $5 will be added to individual walks on Saturday & Sunday

  • $5 will be added to all walks before 10AM & after 4PM

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